UPDATE: JSTS Previous Years Paper (For FREE) :P !

You people out there have hit the jackpot here.

You have access to the previous years papers of the Open Merit Junior Science Talent Search Examination which I think most of the others scholars didn’t have.

I have uploaded  5 papers in all as promised to the netizens here. Hope so it doesn’t attract DOE’s attention.These papers here are to give you guys an idea about how the JSTS paper comes.I am not saying the paper will exactly be like this. It can change. But remember, even if there are say 20-40 questions coming up from here, not only you but everybody knows that. So the difference will be your hard work put into the preparation. Do not simply mug up the questions here.These are only to tell you how the paper comes.  Practice hard fellas!


JSTS-G.Science & Mathematice-2008-09

JSTS-G.Science & Mathematice-2006-07

JSTS-G.Science & Mathematice-2009-10



Please do overlook my markings on the papers and any mistakes if any!

P.S.: Do remember to drop off a thank you comment  :P!!


54 responses to “UPDATE: JSTS Previous Years Paper (For FREE) :P !

  1. thanku………

  2. Thank you.
    You are the GREATEST! Keep enlightening us .

  3. ayushman tripathi

    about 30-40 questions will be from these papers only .

  4. thank u so much!! 😀

  5. thanks a ton, exam on jan 31 2012.. 😀


  7. awsum yaar..thnx a tonn bro 4 diz help… 🙂

  8. First of all, wish you all a very happy Republic Day!
    Now, the urgent question. I have gone through all the sample papers. Most of your answers are correct, and indeed some are wrong. But I am stuck in the 2006-07 paper, Chemistry question 47. I wanted to know that how come the longest chain has got only 5 atoms, instead of 6 . Please see to it and reply soon.

  9. Rumanu Kumar Bhardwaj

    Thank You SOOO much!! This is indeed a jackpot!!! I’ll be ever so grateful to you if I qualify!!

  10. Woow thanxx alot..!! 🙂 examzz on 31st Jan…

  11. thanx a ton 🙂

  12. THANX

  13. hey…
    u r great..
    thnx a lot for these sample papers…!!!!
    oh.. vedabit u r also on this site..????

  14. thanks man sample papers really helped.
    almost 50 % of the questions from here

  15. This time the pattern was a little different. There were 50 GK questions, 40 each of PCB and 30 of maths, making a total of 200.
    I expect 75% marks. Can I expect to be selected?

    • Thanks for telling us.
      We didn’t get the marks last year so I can’t say the cutoff but I think 75% should be good enough!
      Do tell me more about what came in the paper this year?

      • I’ll upload the papers in a guest post in a few days… (they let us take back the papers)
        Till then, can you tell me how much did you expect when you appeared for the exam? I don’t know why but I have a feeling that I’m not going to make it…

  16. Ok.This thing is keeping me awake for nights now. I expect around 130-135 out 200. Will I be selected!!!!

  17. when will be the results be posted plz reply fast

  18. I wanted to know about the interview.
    1. How did you do in your interview round? Are there separate interviews/interviewers for each subject?
    2.Were you told about your marks? If not, how much did you expect it to be? 3.And lastly, how much weightage is it supposed to have?

    • 1.My interview was kind of good. Yes, there are separate interviewers for each subject.
      2.No, we weren’t told our marks. I think there were grades there as I had a sneak peeki. Don’t know about the weightage.

  19. are there any such exams for class 10 students as well(not Olympiad any other yk this one)
    please do tell

  20. it was too easy !
    just some class 11 Ques were tough 😛

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