Junior Science Talent Search Examination (JSTS)

I’ve been wanting to write this post since a long time. I gave my JSTSE on the 31st of January 2011.

Junior Science Talent Search examination is conducted by the Directorate of Education (Science Branch) every year.  It happens mostly in late January(31st  January in my case) and mostly on Sundays (but Monday in my case). Only students of class IX in Delhi can give this exam( I don’t know what happens in other states or UTs).And to give this exam, you need to secure 65% in your previous class i.e. Class VIII.

The JSTS process starts in August/September where you have to fill in a registration form and send it to the Directorate Of Education. Dont worry about this. Your school will take care of this. Then wait till January when you get your admit card and your 5 digit roll number. Your center will most probably be a Govt.  School.

The first level  paper is divided into 2 parts. The first part is a 1 hour GK paper which tests your knowledge of GK, current affairs etc. It is a 50 marks paper.More importantly all the questions in the first level paper are MCQ type in the first level with each question for 1 mark each (except some questions in GK) there is no negative marking. It is generally easy and can be very scoring. The Gk paper is important as the GK paper can give you a little edge over the majority.(Obviously for this you have to be in tune with the current happenings all over the globe and about facts in India) . There were about 20 MCQs , 20 questions where the student would have to supply his own answers in 1 sentence or 1 word and there were 10 questions based on symbols of famous companies, government organisations, political parties, universities, sporting events etc. I advice you to go through your old history books, read newspaper daily, observe all the logos of the governmental organisations and use Wikipedia thoroughly. Manorama Yearbook may help too. All the answers have to be supplied in the question booklet itself. You can easily finish this paper in about 20-30 minutes like I did and could use the remaining time for …………     (You are free to ignore this last advice)

After this you get a break of about 5 minutes or so.

Then the tough part starts.

The next paper is a 2 and a half hour paper that tests your Maths and Science. There are about 25 questions in Maths and 50 questions each in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 175 marks in 150 minutes. In my case I felt Maths was easy. Physics and Chemistry were fine, not too tough. But Biology was tough. As it is, I have less interest in Bio as I will be dropping it after 10th and on top of that it is difficult to remember those horrible names. You need to study Class 10th’s concepts to deal with this paper . You need to go to a higher level. It is important you understand those concepts, just reading them and memorizing the formulae won’t do. In my paper Physics section contained many questions from Motion, Gravitation, Sound and Electricity. Chemistry section had a mix of all the concepts in 10th. I dont remember biology’s questions.

I think what my school taught me the whole year helped me a lot otherwise I wouldn’t have qualified. My school organised extra classes. That helped a lot. Otherwise how would you understand topics of a higher class on your own. Try to attend those classes REGULARLY. Revise the notes and do the assignments they give you.You could also read some reference books but first read Class 10th’s NCERT. For maths go through Class 10th’s NCERT.

Now wait for about 3-4 months. The first round results come out usually in mid April and are uploaded at the Directorate of Education website under public Circulars  (edudel.nic.in)

There are about 150-155 students selected in the first level.

For the second level you have to give an interview held usually in July. Now I can’t enlighten you on the interview part as me, myself is not enlightened on this part. Wish me luck for 13th July 2011.

Feel free to comment and ask your questions


75 responses to “Junior Science Talent Search Examination (JSTS)

  1. Dude, you found Chemistry okay-okay? Wasn’t it damn tough? You knew what gammaxane is? Or perhaps Grignard reagent? Is all this a part of 10th curriculum? I think it’s 11th. Anyways, I have got to know that all those who get selected in the 1st level clear the interview as well. The only purpose to conduct the interview is to determine the scholarship amount, i.e. Rs. 1,000 p.a. for 2 years to ranks 1-101, and Rs. 500 p.a. for 2 years to ranks 102-153. Anyways, what are you studying for the interview? Is you school holding classes/mock interviews for those as well?

    • Hey! Chemistry was fine. About the interview yes you are right. I saw last year’s list and only2-3 people I think have not cleared the second level.
      My school is organising classes but there’s nothing to study. What about yours?

  2. Yeah, my school is also holding classes. Maybe from next week onwards.

    Btw, are you on Facebook? Well, I didn’t find anyone by your name with mutual friends. I thought you must have added Vivek Nair (DPS VV alumnus), if you have a profile. Well, if you have an account, you could send me the link to the profile via e-mail. I find it easier to communicate on Facebook. Not habituated to comment on blog posts. That way, we could get to know each other better. If no, e-mail is also fine with me.

    • I believe I have replied to your queries. And Vivek bhaiya is a good friend of mine(used to go by the same bus from the same stop for the last 11 years)

  3. udayin biswas,dps 'vk'

    @soham …you are certainly geared up for the interview….i have also qualified for the interview….where did u get the info from regarding the scholarship amount,rank, etc

  4. udayin biswas,dps 'vk'

    @soham ,,,,,u r in dps rkp…..u must be knowing ‘archit singh’ ….who was previously in our school

  5. @Udayin: Yeah, Archit the ‘fatso’. He’s in my section. God knows how much his BMI is. Must be at least 90 kg with a height of maybe 5’3”. Calculate it yourself. But still, a great drummer, he is.

  6. @Udayin: A reply to your previous question. Well I just checked out a couple of past results and got to know these things. You can view these by selecting the appropriate date range in the Public Circular section of http://www.edudel.nic.in. Oh and certainly, I am not geared up for the interview. In fact these days I am so busy in these rubbish CCE activities that I had almost forgotten about it. And you’re a Bengali right?

  7. udayin biswas,dps vk

    @soham yes..you guessed it right…..i am a bengali….archit was earlier in our section,everyone used to be scared of him as he was a black belt holder in karate ……anyways thanks for the info ….

  8. You guys are so damn intelligent. I don’t even know how will I clear the exam. Well, i’m in class 9. people tell me that the JSTS exam is very tough. There hasn’t been any JSTS scholar from my school from last 2-3 yrs. Please tell me how should i prepare for the exam.

  9. hey guys my jsts exam is on jan 2012 so iwant to know about d books available in d market for dis exam and how to prepare for it.

    • I would recommend you to do Class Xth and Class IXth Maths and Science NCERTS thoroughly. For the GK paper, keep a look out for the news. you may also read about logos of companies and flags of different countries.
      You may also chose to do the STUDY PACKAGE FOR NTSE book by TMH. Basically for NTSE, but can do well for JSTSE too. Otherwise if you want you may buy those Olympiads books by SOF and MTG. But seriously, NCERTs would be enough.

  10. I am a Jsts aspirant and I want to clear it . can u gimme tips on how to clear it? Are NCERTS sufficient for this exam?

    • NCERTs ( Class IXth and Xth) as I think, are to a lot of extent sufficient. If you want some extra practice try the other olympiad books I have mentioned above in my previous comments. Practice GK. It is of 50 marks.

  11. I am very keen to clear it. please guide me

  12. Look i’m not frequent with the newspaper. so can u suggest me a good book on current affairs to make up for all the info i have lost in the past few months, all the current info

    • General Knowledge comes to you after years of continuous reading of newspaper, surfing the net etc. Reading a book cannot give you the knowledge . Well that’s what I believe. Well if you do want the name of a GK book, there’s Manorama yearbook but personally I haven’t read any of them.

  13. Hey Yash! Can you recollect any logos which came in the GK paper in Jstse. In case you can i’ll be of great help.

    • I remember one logo coming which was of Delhi University. There was one of Asian games 1982 mascot.
      Do all famous companies logos as well as some of govt. run institutions.

  14. heyy!! u been of so much help,,,..nd wnt to ask 1 thnk ws dere any question of 11th class course?? ,,is completing 9 nd 10 syllabus alright for getting selected??
    plzzzzzzzplzzzzzzzzzzzz do rply

  15. Is there negative marking too?

  16. heyyy…. u hav been of so much help….cud u just post some questions from both MAT and SAT part!!!!?

  17. yash the results are out check it

  18. heyy my email id is amrita3657@yahoo.co.in…….plz can u msg me some questions that came in your exam. you must be remembring some. please help me i really want to make for it. and my exam is also coming near. please send me any thing dat you find would be important. thank you

    • I think I will upload the sample papers I got it from My school. There is no way you can get previous years papers other than from your school who may have got it maybe not from the right way

  19. and yes from where can i get the sample paper or previous year question papers from??

  20. when will you upload the papers??

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