DPS Science and Maths Talent Examination 2010

19/12/10:  I woke up early and that too on a Sunday. Why?  Because I had the IInd Level of DPS Science and Maths Talent Search Examinaton. Was a little bit sleepy because I slept late the last night preparing hard for this examination. My test center was DPS Dwarka. I had just been to DPS Dwarka for CORE 2010. Had a good breakfast and was off towards Dwarka after consulting Google Maps. You don’t expect traffic on a sunday morning at 8:40 am.  I didn’t and thank God i didn’t get any as that would have made things difficult. While on the way I was hurrying through the notes that I had made just to revise all the mind boggling formulas.

HEY!! But how the hell I got into this situation ?

It’s a long story . Will tell some other time .

Just Kidding :p

Humhhh. Lets rewind a little. In August sometime , I received a circular about this DPS SMTE. It was compulsory for all DPS students studying in Class IX. This was being organised by DPS Society in collaboration Science Olympiad Foundation. Nice… I registered for this and this examination had two levels. The top 500 students on the basis of Ist level results will be selected for the IInd Level . The circular said DPS society had awarded Top 50 students and Top 100 will go to DPS HRD Centre. The Ist level was scheduled on 20th of October . This meant I had the CWG holidays to prepare . But the CWG came and went by . By 15th, I realised that I hadn’t prepared for this Examination . In the last few days I did my JSTS assignments to prepare for this and read the remaining Bio chapters in my book. Then came the D-Day. It was a 100 marks paper and we had 2 hours . We were seated in the School Lounge roll number wise. When I got the paper , at the first look Physics looked tough so I went to Maths. I did some 5-10 questions and then again went to physics.  Leave that. On the whole time was less . The level of Physics was fine, Maths was good and Bio and Chem were easy . Expected around 80-85. After a month’s long wait all the JSTS students were called in Headmistress. There it was revealed only 2 students were selected from DPS VK. Only 2!

Now who were the Lucky 2 ???

As you might have guessed I was one of the lucky 2. i got inter DPS  rank 142 and school rank 1. Yipeee. My total marks were 76. Satisfactory . From then school organised daily classes for me and the other ‘chosen’ one.

Now Fast forward to 19th December. I reaches DPS Dwarka with my parents and found out 2 thing. One my seating room. Other that DPS BOKARO had 45 students selected in top 500. WOW. The paper was okay. Physics was a little bit high level . Maths was fine. Bio and Chem straight from the NCERT. On the whole i was happy at my efforts and was thus relieved from all the tension caused by it. But that makes the whole task difficult . Easy paper – more scores – high cutoff – thus more difficult. Now hoping for the bests and results will be out, I think, by Late Jan or maybe Feb too.

For those preparing for this exam I suggest read your NCERT thoroughly and go a little out of the book. I recommend for Maths  and Physics try BMA and if your school organises JSTS or Olympiad classes attend them as there you may learn higher concepts and little of Class 10th which might be useful. Do mole concept thoroughly and structure of atom too. Try to get previous year papers through older students.

P.S : I finally got my second level rank. You see I am very lucky. Only the top 100 students clear the DPS Olympiad . And my rank is 100!!! This is LUCK. But I am a little bit disappointed with my self. I messed up 3-5 sitters in the exam and if I had got these right my marks would have been 83 instead of this 78. My ranks would have improved to about 60 or 70 at least. But in the end I got a certificate of Merit and a ticket to DPS HRD CENTER for a week long camp. The “Enlightened” one is looking forward to it.


175 responses to “DPS Science and Maths Talent Examination 2010

  1. if anyone have not com in top 100, how can one find his rank/score

  2. how can one find his rank/score if one is not in top 100

  3. what is the cutoff this year and saptrishi what is your score

  4. what is the cutoff this year and saptrishi what is your score

    how can one find his rank/score if one is not in top 100?

  5. dude the cut off is 74. mine is 75. tell me your name so that i can check your result. i have the entire list of the top 100.

  6. @snk, the school will receive your result soon. so then you can see it. only one student didnt get selected from our school and he hasn’t received his rank yet.

  7. hacked into my school’s email actually i have installed a spyware into my school’s computer. 😛

  8. lol joking. asked my teacher to give it to me as it was in our school’s email.

  9. My name is chinmay singh and i am from dps indira nagar lucknow.Saptrishi if u have entire list please tell if i am selected or not

  10. nope. nobody from indira nagar made it. you don’t meant indirapuram though do you?

  11. and yash, dude my computer’s net isn’t working so if write through my mobile it will take like 3 days to finish up.

  12. and i know both rank 1 and rank 3 lol. they were at my center.

  13. and i know both rank 1 and rank 3 lol. they were at my centre.

  14. I keep checking my email every 2-3 hours through my mobile. So I reply asap. And I answer every question anybody has within that 7-minute window.

  15. yeah, i will if it does work. you see most people in my town have lost access to the net. maybe there is some server problem.

  16. Dude please check if anyone is selected from lucknow

  17. no, nobody from lucknow.

  18. Saptarshi r u sure that u have seen the list properly bcoz its pretty hard to believe that i didnt got 75 correct? Please if u can mail the list 2 me.

  19. Just one more ques has anyone qualified for nstse 2012 2nd leveL

  20. Dude, I am 300% sure I saw the list correctly. And no I can’t mail the list to you.

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